1-2 November 2018

Scarman Conference Centre
University of Warwick

3 November 2018

Cadaveric Day – WMSTC


Thursday 1st November

1200 Registration and lunch at Scarman House  
1245 Introduction Sameh El-Kawy
  Session 1: The Patellofemoral Joint  
1300 Functional anatomy of the patellofemoral joint Robert Smigielski
1320 Patella instability – pathology and radiological assessment Tanweer Ashraf
1340 Anterior knee pain in adolescents and young adults Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso
1400 Clinical assessment of the patellofemoral joint Roland Beidert
1420 Discussion All faculty
1440 Coffee  
  Session 2: Patellar Instabitity and MPFL  
1500 Decision making in case of patellar instability in children Romain Seil
1520 Managing first time dislocation, are they all the same? Sameh El-Kawy
1540 MPFL reconstruction options and technique Romain Seil
1600 Results of MPFL reconstruction, The Bristol experience Jonathan Eldridge
1620 Discussion All faculty
1630 Session 3: Small group discussions  
1630 Radiology workshop Manpreet Dhillon
1715 Clinical cases Sameh El-Kawy & Tanweer Ashraf
1630 Clinical cases Tanweer Ashraf & Sameh El-Kawy
1715 Radiology workshop Manpreet Dhillon
1800 Close  
1930 Course dinner  

Friday 2nd November

0745 Coffee  
  Session 4: Trochlear dysplasia  
0800 Embryology, developmental anatomy relevant to trochlear dysplasia Robert Smigielski
0820 Trochlear dysplasia classification, and sulcus deepening trochleoplasty David Dejour
0840 The short trochlea, a variant of trochlear dysplasia and its management Roland Biedert
0900 Wedge type reduction trochleoplasty - indications and technique Roland Jakob
0920 The thin flap trochleopasty - indications and technique Heinz Bereiter
0940 Long term functional and radiological results of trochleoplasty Jonathan Eldridge
1000 Discussion All faculty
1020 Coffee  
  Session 5: Patella alta, dealing with complications  
1040 Relevance and management of patellar alta- in patella instability David Dejour
1100 Use of parametric model in predicting surgical outcome and reducing potential complications Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso
1120 Management strategies of failed patellar stabilisation surgery David Dejour
1140 Discussion All faculty
1150 Clinical cases Sameh El-Kawy / Tanweer Ashraf
1240 Lunch (plus cadaveric briefing for delegates attending Saturday)  
  Session 6: Patellofemoral degeneration  
1340 Biological importance of osteochondral unit and subchondral bone Vladimir Bobic
1400 Management of patellofemoral cartilage lesion – What have we learnt? Roland Jakob
1420 Role of tibial tubrosity transfer in treating patellofemoral arthritis Vladimir Bobic
1440 Is patellofemoral joint replacement an option? Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso
1500 Coffee  
1520 Patellofemoral resurfacing – indications and technique Andreas Imhoff
1540 Role of additional procedures and results of patellofemoral resurfacing Christoph Becher
1600 Algorithm for treating instability and degeneration – Patella clinic experience Tanweer Ashraf
1620 Discussion All faculty
1715 Close  

Timetable subject to change.